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Quilt Toppings: Fun and Fancy Embellishment Techniques by Melody Crust brings you the ultimate playtime with quilts and embellishments!

Quilt Toppings:
Fun and Fancy Embellishment Techniques

Author: Melody Crust
Pages: 134
Page size: 81/2" x 11 1/2"
Publisher: Breckiling Press
Cover: Soft
Item Code: 4Q0825
Weight: 1.7 lb
MSRP: $29.95

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Back Cover Information

The ultimate playtime with quilts and embellishments!

Making a quilt is sometimes like baking a cake - all the fun is in the frosting! In Quilt Toppings, Melody Crust offers hundreds of ideas for embellishing quilts, showing that the fun doesn't have to stop after the quilt top is done. From paint techniques to crayons and fabrics, from beading to buttons and bows, and from thread play to the sheer joy of stitching, this book covers it all. Each chapter includes an idea gallery featuring dozens of photos of unique quilt toppings.

  • Hundreds of color photos, with close-up detail of embellishment techniques
  • Before-and-after shots, transforming plain quilts into extraordinary works of art
  • Exciting resource for technique and inspiration

Inside Cover Information

In Quilt Toppings Melody Crust demonstrates dozens of exciting new ways to embellish your quilts. Working with everything from paints and crayons, to beads, ribbons, and threads, you will discover fresh techniques, learn tricks and shortcuts, and have endless fun with fabric.

  • Paints, Crayons, Inks and Foil: Amazing special effects with acrylics, fabric paints, spray paints, foiling, and dozens more fabric decoration techniques
  • Beads, Buttons, and More: Embellishment heaven with beads, pearls, sequins, shi-sha mirrors, and jewels of every kind
  • Ribbon, Rick Rack, Ruching, ETC: Magical three-dimensional effects with a host of easy sew embellishments
  • Thread Play:Go crazy with contemporary threads and unusual stitching techniques

Designed for easy use and quick reference, Quilt Toppings features hundreds of color photos, showcasing embellishment techniques in action. Once you get started, you will never want to stop!

About the Author: Melody Crust is a popular quilting instructor who teaches from coast to coast and at major national conventions. She has traveled to virtually every part of the United States, bringing her natural teaching ability and her contagious enthusiasm to quilters. An award-winning quilter and nationally celebrated fabric artist, her work has been featured in dozens of books and specialty magazines. Melody is in constant demand as a curator and judge for national and regional quilting exhibitions. She is the author of A Fine Line: Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilting Design. Melody and her husband, photographer Charles Crust who provided all the sensational photographs in Quilt Topping, live in Kent, Washington.

love color qlt

green flower embellishment

yellow patchwork hawaiian

rose heart embellished quilt

Table of Contents

Preface 1 Rick Rack, Bias Tape, Trim, Cords, and Tassels 81
Chapter 1: Paints, Crayons, Inks, Foils and More   Prep Work and Supplies 81
Paint , Glorious Paint 6 Rick Rack 82
Prep Work 6 Bias Tape 82
Acrylic Craft Paints 8 Fringe 83
Fabric Paints 9 Cords 83
Spray Paints 11 Tassels 84
Painting Yardage 11 Caring for Trim Embellished Projects 85
Stamping with Paints 13 Embellishing with Fabric 85
Paint Sticks 14 Prep Work and Supplies 85
Prep Work and Supplies 15 Doilies 86
Working with Paint Sticks 15 Handkerchiefs 86
Crayons 16 Lace 87
Prep Work 16 Velvet 87
Crayon Rubbings 18 Lame Fabrics 88
Marking Pens 18 Silk 88
Prep Work and Supplies 19 Polyester 88
Lettering with Markers 19 Ultra-Suede 89
Freehand Designs 20 Three-dimensional Effects 90
All-purpose Inks 20 Prairie Points 90
Prep Work and Supplies 21 Fabric Ruching 90
Foiling 22 Gathered Fabric 90
Prep Work and Supplies 22 Yo-Yos 91
Getting Ready for Foil 22 Idea Gallery 92
Foil Adhesives 23 Chapter 4: Thread Play  
Applying Foil with Heat 24 Machine Stitching 98
Stenciling 25 Prep Work and Supplies 98
Idea Galley 28 Selecting Machine Threads 99
Chapter 2: Bead, Buttons, and More   Selecting Machine Needles 103
Beads 38 Stabilizing Your Fabric 108
Prep Work and Supplies 38 Machine Stitching Techniques 110
Bead Placement 42 Machine Appliqué 110
Beading by Hand 43 Machine Embroidery 110
Beading by Machine 47 Redesign Your Fabric -with Thread 111
Beyond Beads: Pearls, Sequins, Jewels, and Shi-Shas 50 Machine Sashiko 112
Prep Work and Supplies 50 Machine Couching 112
Pearls 50 Crazy Quilting by Machine 113
Sequins 51 Stitching from the Bobbin 114
Sew-On Jewels 53 Caring for Machine-Stitched Projects 115
Shi-Sha Mirrors 54 Hand Stitching 115
Hot-Fix Crystals 55 Prep Work and Supplies 116
Buttons 56 Selecting Hand-Sewing Threads 116
Prep Work and Supplies 56 Selecting Hand-Sewing Needles 117
Selecting Buttons 57 Hand Sewing Techniques 119
Creative Button Embellishments 57 Hand Appliqué 119
Decorating Button Holes 59 Hand Embroidery 121
Idea Gallery 60 Hand Sashiko 123
Chapter 3: Ribbons, Rick Rack, and More   Hand Couching 123
Ribbon 70 Crazy Quilting by Hand 123
Prep Work and Supplies 71 Idea Gallery 124
Ribbon Types 72 Resources 131
Ribbon Applications 76 Index 133
Sewing with Ribbon 81    

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