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Fons & Porter Portable Ironing Pad for pressing. 30x16 in. Includes carry case w/ pocket

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Fons and Porter™
Portable Ironing Pad

  1. Size
    30" W x 16" L
  2. Red Nylon Carry bag with 2 Snaps
    17" W x 10.5 W x 17" L
  3. Carry bag has Front Pocket
    6.5" W x 12.5 L

Every quilter or sewer wants easy access to their pressing station and the Fons & Porter™ Portable Ironing Pad allows a setup next to the sewing machine that does not take up much room! Use at home, in classes or when traveling.

With Fons and Porter Portable Ironing Pad you can press anywhere! 30" W x 16" L pressing pad folds in thirds and is carried in a red nylon carrying case with 2 snaps and a 6.5" W x 12.5 L front pocket that will will hold many today's popular rulers. The case allows the pad to be stowed away even when hot in the nylon carry bag or can be rolled (without ruler in pocket), taking little space for easy traveling!

The ironing surface offers heavy duty protection for table surfaces and is great for all irons.

  • Ultra lightweight and yet gives heavy duty protection to table surfaces
    • NOTE: Do NOT use this pad over a cutting mat
  • Thread iron cord through loop so it does not get tangled.
  • Loop keeps bias and trims controlled!
  • Great for all irons!
  • Iron Anywhere!
  • Stores in a red carrying bag with a pocket front, allowing instant storage even when hot.
  • Front Pocket of carrying case holds a ruler in place when taking supplies to class.