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Crafter's Pick Batik-EZ Medium 8 oz, non-toxic, water soluble, use with paint, inks & dyes

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Batik-Ez Resist Medium

Batik-Ez Resist Medium offers a temporary barrier for coloring fabrics and other materials. Use to create beautiful "Batik" and simulated "Tie Dye" projects.
  • Washable
  • Stampable
  • Paintable
  • Saves Time
  • Nontoxic
  • Water Based

Batik-Ez Resist Medium Packaging Information

Batik-Ez Resist Medium gives a temporary "Resist" barrier to dyes, paints, and inks when applied to fabrics and other materials like paper and leather. Use to create beautiful "Batik" and simulated "Tie Dye" projects.

How to Use:

  • Always TEST first for best results and appearance.
  • Apply above 60° F.
  • If product has thickened, remove lid and heat bottle for 10 seconds in the microwave oven.
  • Apply Batik-Ez Medium by brush, sponge, stencil, stamp, etc. to base material.
  • Let dry thoroughly. NOTE: Some crafter state that you do not have to let the resist dry before applying color. Sharla suggests experimenting to see how wet and dry methods works.
  • Dab, brush, or spray your coloring medium over entire project.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Wash out with water and let dry.
  • Clean up with warm water and soap.

NOTE: If the paint, dye, or ink requires heat setting, use the microwave.

  1. Protect the microwave by placing a layer of paper towels down on the bottom.

  2. Place the wet project into the microwave and set on high for 1 minute to heat set dyes and inks.

  3. Remove from the microwave and rinse in sink. Use the sponge to lightly rub over the areas of risist; the Batik-Ez Resist Medium will easily dissolve and a batik effect will be exposed.

  4. Lay wet, rinsed project onto a flat surface to dry. To speed up the drying time, lay flat and press with an iron.

  5. Cleanup: Clean microwave by scrubbing with hot water and bleach or cleanser if necessary.