Computer users, quilters and needleworkers sometimes need a little help for tired or maturing eyes. We have added a line of magnifiers to meet a variety of needs.

10 to 50% off Magnifiers: For Glasses, Hand Held, for the Head & More

Attach to your glasses

Credit card size to store in your purse

Magnifiers (hands free) are indispensable add-ons for those tired eyes

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MagniClips Magnifiers

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MagniClips Magnifiers are effective for people who need to focus at an intermediate distance such as a computer screen, or to do crafting or needlework. Close-up tasks such as threading a needle or working on miniatures come into view with MagniClips Magnifiers. Even non-glasses wearers can wear them over the sunglasses when working or reading outside.

Easily carried in a purse or pocket, they'll be an indispensable item. You may need more than one pair for the car, kitchen, workshop and pocket.

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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I4U magnifierI4U magnifier

  • 1.50 Diopter Mild
  • 2.00 Diopter Medium

I4U Reading Glasses

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I4U magnifiers

I4U Reading Glasses from Eyes For You

  • Frustrated by losing reading glasses

  • Inventor Creates emergency, unbreakable Reading Lenses that tuck in Money Clips, Books or Wallets. I4U measures 3.4" x 1.6'' and 0.10" thick and come in a patented protective soft lined pouch to protect against loss or scratching.

  • Designed for emergency convenience for those who misplace, forget or lose their reading glasses.

  • Contemporary rimless pinch-nose styled emergency glasses fit comfortably and securely on a nose bridge
  • Store easily in your purse or wallet for emergencies
  • NOTE: See more info below

hold I4U in your walletI4U Reading Glasses from Eyes For You

  • Precision crafted for accurate magnification in diopter strengths 1.50 and 2.00 lenses

  • 70 million Americans who wear reading glasses never need to be without their glasses again, now that emergency I4U Lenses are always available.

Herman, the inventor and a veteran of General Tire, General Motors and IBM is credited with many patents as a mathematician, mechanical engineer and programmer.

"I'm not alone in misplacing or forgetting my reading glasses. No one needs to be frustrated over lost, forgotten or misplaced glasses again. Everyone can be like me with emergency I4U lenses always in my wallet on hand to read menus, maps, telephone directories, sign documents, or dial numbers. I even keep a pair inside the book I'm currently reading and use them as a bookmark.''