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Bonash Bonding Agent bonds fabric together, instantly. No sewing required. Your secret weapon for fabric repair and fun! Can be washed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned. Always use the powder with the Bo-Nash Nonstick Ironing Sheet. Surface design and embellishments are perfect for Bo-Nash! With 007 you can turn up hems, put in a zipper, apply appliqués and motifs, invisibly repair tears and cigarette burns to clothes and upholstery. 007 is strong enough for heavy canvas, denims, tents, awnings and sails, but soft and safe enough for delicate silks and lace.

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Bo Nash Bonding  Starter Set

Bonash Bonding Agent
Complete Starter Set

Package includes:

  1. 1 oz. (28.35g) 007 Bonding Agent (enough for 100 repairs)
  2. (2) 6x9" Sheets of Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheets
MFG: Bo-Nash
Item Code: 03DXB1
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 723325207007
10% Off: $14.39
MSRP: $15.99
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Product Packaging Information

  • Bonds fabric together, instantly.
  • No sewing required.
  • Secret weapon for fabric repair.
  • Can be washed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned.
  • Always use the powder with the Bo-Nash Nonstick Ironing Sheet.
  • Surface design and embellishments like Angelina Fibers are perfect for Bo-Nash!
  • It is very quick and easy to use.
  • With 007 you can turn up hems, put in a zipper, apply appliqués and motifs, invisibly repair tears and cigarette burns to clothes and upholstery.
  • 007 is strong enough for heavy canvas, denims, tents, awnings and sails
  • Soft and safe enough for delicate silks and lace.

For the best results from this product, please read the following information and instructions.

007 Refil Pack by Bonash
Bo Nash
Bonding Agent
Refill Pack
2 oz.

MFG: Bo-Nash
Item Code: 03DXB2
Item Code: 03DXB2
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 723325912000
10% Off: $8.99
MSRP: $9.99
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How to use below

Giant Nonstick Iron & Craft Sheet packaging and example
Giant Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet
12" x 18"
Amazing Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet
18" x 24"

MFG: Bo-Nash
Giant Ironing & Craft Sheet
Size: 12" x 18"

Mfg: BoNash
Item Code: 03DXB3
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 723325909000
10% Off: $ 11.65
MSRP: $ 12.95
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Amazing Ironing & Craft Sheet
Size: 24" x 18"

Mfg: BoNash
Item Code: 03DXB4
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 723325907006
10% Off: $ 18.00
MSRP: $ 20.00
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Bonash Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet Package Information

  • Protect your iron
  • Reusable
  • Nonstick fiberglass
  • Transparent.
  • Use for appliqué, general purpose ironing and craft projects.
  • Glues, paints, waxes and interfacing will not stick to the sheet.
  • Clean by wiping with wet or dry cloth.

NOTE: Always test on a sample of the material first. 007 is suitable for most fabrics.


  1. Test 007 on sample of similar material first.
  2. Always use your iron on hot setting (cotton/linens) and use without steam. Take care, a hot iron can damage fabrics. When first switching on the iron allow time to regulate.
  3. Use ONLY Bo-Nash fiberglass Ironing Sheet on both sides of garment if possible. This will protect garment from heat of iron, especially for delicate fabrics. Always clean sheet before each use with wet or dry cloth. Greaseproof paper can also be used.
  4. Always blow away surface powder before applying heat.
  5. Can be washed, boiled or dry cleaned after bond has been allowed to set fully, approximately 1 hour.
  6. Amount of powder required depends on thickness of fabrics. The heavier the fabric, the more powder and longer heat required to make a suitable bond.

Additional how-to info:


  • No need to pin, tack or sew.
  • No need to double hem as 007 stops fraying.
  • Iron the hem to make a crease. (Just fold over and apply heat.)
  • Place Ironing Sheet on working surface (use an old ironing board or protective table top), place garment on top of Ironing Sheet, open the fold and sprinkle powder over the hem area.
  • Use sparingly for thin and delicate fabrics.
  • Use more powder for heavier fabrics.
  • Cover with Ironing sheet, apply heat for a few seconds. Amount of time depends on thickness of fabric, test on sample material first.
  • Turn garment over and repeat heat application for a few seconds; the hem is now in place.


Always do one side first, then the other.

  • Place zipper on top of Ironing Sheet
    1. moisten one side of zipper using paintbrush and water
    2. sprinkle one side of the zipper with powder
    3. lay edge of garment along one side of zipper
    4. blow any excess powder off zipper (if you want a concealed zipper, cover half of zipper itself)
    5. cover with Ironing Sheet
    6. apply heat for a few seconds to both sides of fabric being bonded.
    7. Repeat process for the other side of the zipper.


It is ideal for basting before sewing.

Quilt basting saves time-no pins required.

  1. Sprinkle sparingly over batting
  2. place fabric over the top and iron over, using the ironing sheet,

Quilt Applique

  1. Use Bonding Agent for your quilt applique to keep any bits and pieces stationary.
  2. It is great for Layers and Snippet Techniques
  3. Saves time and money when embellishing with laces and fragile ribbons.


  • Cut a clean hole and eliminate charred or frayed edges.
  • Cut an identical piece of material, slightly larger than the hole, from a concealed area of the garment (hem, waistband, etc.)
    • NOTE: For prints or designed fabrics, make sure you match and align print first to give a perfect match.
  • Take a paintbrush and moisten the edges of the patch material on the right side and apply the powder.
  • The powder will cling to the moisture while you place the damaged area of garment over the material patch, lining up the pattern correctly.
  • Blow away any excess powder that may be showing.
  • Apply heat using Ironing Sheet to protect garment.
  • Turn over and heat again using Ironing Sheet.
    • NOTE: Always remember to blow away excess powder so it cannot be transferred onto the right side of garment.


For any area where wrong side cannot be reached. This includes sleeve area, lapel etc., where there is a double layer of fabric. Work from right side only.

  • On upholstery DO NOT USE ON OLEFIN OR SIMILAR MATERIAL, a hot iron can damage.
  • Please try on a sample or inconspicuous area first, on all fabrics.
  • You will need a patch of the same material for a hole.
  • Moisten edges on right side of patch material and apply powder.
  • The powder will cling to moisture to enable you to push the patch through hole so that the patch is now underneath.
  • Blow away powder that shows through hole.
  • If a tear, apply powder over whole area of patch material, before pushing through tear or rip, then match up pattern, if any, and pull sides together.
  • Make sure all excess powder is brushed away before covering with Ironing Sheet and applying the heat of the iron for a few seconds.
  • Time depends on fabric thickness.
  • Allow to fully bond before using.


  1. Cut away any burnt edges from the holes.
  2. Cut a small amount of fiber from seam or hem, or pull several threads from fabric. Roll fiber into a ball between your fingers. Using scissors, cut fibers up as fine as possible, almost fluff. The more time taken in preparation gives a better invisible mend. Put the cut fibers into a small dish and mix with a small amount of powder. Working on the wrong side of the garment, use Ironing Sheet on both sides of the repair when possible. Place sufficient amount of fluff and powder mixture into the hole and sprinkle powder over. Cover with patch of fabric (cotton is best, cut in circle) and Ironing Sheet. Apply heat for a few seconds, then turn on to the right side and apply heat for a few seconds again. Leave for 1 hour for bond to set. All repairs can be washed or dry cleaned after bond has fully set. The more textured the fabric the better the repair.

Surface Design & Embellishments
using Bo-Nash Bonding Agent

Surface Design & Embellishments using Bo-Nash Bonding Agent

Bo-Nash Bonding Powder is a great way to apply embellishments and ideal for surface design.

  • Use your imagination and you can create your own masterpieces using your 'stashes', leftovers, foils, tinsel, Angelina fibers, soy fibers, paper, ribbons, etc. The great thing is that there is no one way. You can do it anyway you want. The more abstract, sometimes is the better. Experiment, play and most of all have fun. YOU make the ordinary, extraordinary.

How-To use in Surface Design

  • Use base material as a 'backdrop' to your art. Ideal materials; lame, or metallics
  • Decide on a color scheme and put together bits of fabric, tinsel, threads, wool, glitter, and whatever takes your fancy.
  • Sprinkle a layer of Bonding Powder over area of base fabric and then arrange your 'bits & pieces' over the fabric area.
  • Add more powder.
  • Cover with the Bo-Nash Ironing Sheet and iron with hot iron.
  • Lift away ironing sheet very carefully (some parts may stick).
  • To capture your design a layer of tulle or chiffon can be laid over the top of your 'bits & pieces'. This makes it easier to free motion quilt or embroider through your design.
    • Decide on colors needed to make design.
    • Use backdrop fabric in the color of your choice and chop up fabric into small swatches or pieces off colors for each area of design.
    • Sprinkle powder over area.
    • Lay chopped pieces on top of powder in whatever design you require.
    • Add a little more powder.
    • Lay the Bo-Nash Ironing Sheet over the area to fuse and iron with hot iron. Remove ironing sheet carefully. Free motion quilt through design. You will not gum up needle.

With Foil Sheets & Stencils:

  1. Lay down stencil
  2. Sprinkle powder over stencil area.
  3. Lay over Bo-Nash Ironing Sheet and iron on hot to melt the powder.
  4. Remove Ironing Sheet and stencil carefully Lay cellophane foil over melted powder with color side up
  5. Cover with Bo-Nash Ironing Sheet and iron on medium heat over area
  6. Gently remove sheet and cellophane and the metallic foil will stick to the powder.

Abstract Foil Design:

  1. Sprinkle powder in any design or shape.
  2. The more powder the more dramatic the design.
  3. Then follow steps 1-6 above.


Anglina Fiber Turquoise
Angelina Fibers

41 Colors Available

A creative fiber medium. These come in lots of colors to choose from, made of polyester and acrylic. When heat is applied, they "bond" together. Place some of the fibers in between the Bo-Nash Nonstick. Ironing and Craft Sheet and apply heat. They will bond together. Experiment using different amounts, to get a lacy or thick finish. Use with a medium iron for just a few seconds. Check the fibers are bonded. The amount of heat and length of heat applied will affect the color of the Angelina. Too much heat will result in all the color disappearing. Use as they are for making fantasy fabrics or cut into shapes. They do not bond to anything else unless you use a fusible. Bonding Agent 007, the powdered fusible allows you to apply the fibers to your fabrics and because it stays soft and flexible, there is no build up on your fabric. It is washable on a delicate wash. The edges will not fray. Angelina fibers can also be used for your other embellishment projects on fabric, paper, tissue and wood. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. If you find the fibers stick to your iron, clean it with Bo-Nash Iron Clean Cloths.

Soy fibers are a byproduct of soybeans and tofu. The process is very fast and easy to do. No pulling, tugging or rolling. Ultimate glue or Textile Medium will hold the soy fibers together .Lay down Bo-Nash Fiberglass Ironing Sheet to protect work surface and have a nonstick surface to work on. Lay soy fiber on top of the Bo-Nash Nonstick. Ironing Sheet. Fluff out pieces by pulling apart. Lay in different directions. Do as many layers and colors as you wish to make it as thick or as thin as you want. Dribble Textile Medium or glue along the outside areas first then add some to the middle section. Using another nonstick sheet cover the top, pat, and spread the liquid into the fibers. (Using your hands will cause it to stick and pull away) If you have not used enough liquid it will not stick together, but you can always add more! Let it dry. After it is dry, remove from the Bo-Nash Nonstick Ironing Sheet. This can now be used to do great embellishment projects. Use Bonding Agent 007, the powdered fusible to apply to fabric, paper, cardboard, wood. Use your imagination to make the most wonderful projects. Using the Bonding Powder allows the use without stiffness. It stays soft and pliable with the fabric, yet it allows for delicate washing. Use the Bo-Nash Fiberglass Nonstick Pressing Sheet to apply the soy fiber felt so there is no damage and nothing sticks. If you find anything sticks to the iron use the Bo-Nash Iron Cleaning Cloths to remove any sticky residue. Both Angelina Fibers and Soy Fiber Felt arc great for doll projects. Check out for project ideas. Bo-Nash (North America) Inc.


  • Bonding Agent leaves the fabric flat.
  • 007 will not gum up a sewing needle. Sew through 007 with no problem
  • Using 007 is a fantastic way to apply motifs to delicate fabrics so that no sewing marks show.
  • 007 does not harden or gum up hand or machine needles.
  • Perfect for delicate lace because it stays soft.
  1. Using a wet paintbrush or spray bottle of water, dampen the wrong side of appliqué and sprinkle on powder, according to the thickness.
  2. Shake off excess. The powder will cling to moisture and you are able to apply appliqué to the garment.
  3. Hold appliqué in place and blow away excess powder from around any surrounding area.
    1. place Ironing Sheet over appliqué or motif.
    2. ppply heat for a few seconds
    3. turn garment over and using the Ironing Sheet apply heat to reverse side again
  4. FOR small/fine areas, use a wet paintbrush to apply the powder.


Bonding Agent works on most fabrics to give invisible repairs. The end result depends on the type of fabric, but certainly if it is a fabric which will allow an invisible mend it will produce a neater and stronger repair than sewing could ever do.

  1. Always work on the wrong side of the garment for tears.
    1. On wrong side of garment push back any loose threads of fibers, taking care to place back in correct position. I
    2. t is important to note that the more time and patience taken in this procedure the better the invisible mend will be.
  2. Use Ironing Sheet, sprinkle 007 over tear area.
  3. Place a circular patch (cotton works best) over the top of the repair.
    1. NOTE: The patch is on the wrong side of garment, it will not be seen.
    2. With lightweight colored fabrics, it is better to patch with a piece of the same fabric. This can be cut from an area where it will not be noticed, i.e. hem or seam.
  4. Brush away any powder left around the patch area
  5. Then cover area with the Ironing Sheet and apply heat for a few seconds.
  6. Turn the garment over.
  7. NOTE: Make sure the ironing sheet is completely clean of excess powder (otherwise it will be transferred on to the front of garment)
  8. Pput Ironing Sheet on top.
  9. Apply heat for a few seconds to right side of garment.
  10. Allow to set 1 hour before wearing, so that the fibers can bond together

Basting a Quilt with Bonash Powder

Fabric Repair using Bonash


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