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Cindy Walter's offers in the Snippet Sensations series a new and easy way to create artistic masterpieces from small pieces of fabric using fusible appliqué for pictorial quilts. The technique is simple and fun. You do not need to know how to sew or quilt to create Snippet Art. Fusible fabric is created by applying two-sided, fusible webbing. This makes is possible to create any style of artwork using an assortment of new fabrics or all your favorite scraps.

Sold Out
Out of Print

More Snippet Sensations
More Snippet Sensations
2nd in a Series
Sold Out
Out of Print

Snippet Sensations Bouquets
Snippet Sensations
Sold Out
Out of Print
Snippet Semsations
Snippet Sensations

Book Details
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20 to 40% off 2,000+ Books & Magazines Index click here

More Snippet Sensations


Out of Print, Sold Out

More Snippet Sensations

This book has a robust gallery with 80 quilts for inspiration.

22 Projects with instructions and fabric requirements included

Author: Cindy Walter
Pages: 112
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Krause Publications
Cover: Soft


Examples from the 22 Projects

Back Cover Information

International Quilting Sensation

"The Snippets Technique was taught on one of our quilting cruises and also on my television program. It was so much fun seeing the projects take shape. Now my Mom wants all my scraps to teach this in her retirement group..." Kaye Wood Strip Quilting author and hostess of Kaye's Quilting Friends TV program.

"This is one of the easiest techniques I've ever used. Cindy's excellent instruction, along with Stream-A-Seam2, turn my fabric scraps into a work of art" Clothide President, Clothilde, Inc.; Sewing Nations Catalog.

"Snippet Sensations has changed the way quilters think about fabric." Merikay Waldvogel Quilt Historian.

Thousands of people around the world have created a fabric masterpiece with Cindy Walter's revolutionary Snippet Sensations techniuqe, where small "snippets" of fabric and fusible web are used to "paint" on fabric. This follow up to the award-winning Snippet Sensations explores applications for contemporary Snippet-inspired quilts and wearables, as well as expanded instructions for free-motion machine quilting. As an added bonus, there is a gallery that showcases breathtaking Snippet quilts and more than 20 step-by-step projects.

  • Reviews the Snippet Sensations technique
  • More than 20 new, unique step-by-step projects
  • Instructions for turning a Snippet project into a quilt

About the Author: Cindy Walter, creator of the Snippet Sensations technique, is a well-nown quilting teacher and lecturer. Besides writing the best-selling Snippet Sensations, she has co-authored the second editions to two books with Diana Leone, Fine Hand Quilting and Attic Windows. When she is not busy traveling and appearing on such television shows as "America Sews" and "Simply Quilts," Cindy enjoys designing her Snippets fabric line for Springs.

Examples from the 22 Projects


Table of Contents

Author's Introdution4Part II General Information9
Introduction5Part III Finishing 26
Part I Overview6Part IV Gallery of Snippet Quilts and Art42



Part V Step-by-Step Projects

Projects below with * are included in Part V


General Supply List

7Suggested Reading 112

Process Preview

8Sources and Suppliers112

Featured Works

Projects with * are included in the book

A Kiss on the River Dee, by Deborah Mouser 46Ikebana, by Terry Matsuda Ninomura 54
A Passion for Perennials, by Deanna Eicholz 54Just Three Peas and a Salad—She Whined, by Stevii Thompson

A Snippet of Sunflowers*, by Karen Wang 84

Graves   56
A Touch of Van Gogh, by Cindy Walter 58Kevin's Oriole, by Cindy Wilkinson 61
Alaskan Sunset, by Cindy Walter 17Koalas, by Tina Rathbone 47
Aloha Lei, by Cindy Walter 88Ladies Coming to Water, by Marvelyn Samuelson 44
Attic Window Garden, by Cindy Walter 62Lavender Jacket, by Carol Ingram 55
Autograph Wreath, by Rebecca "Bekki" Mae Redfearn 88

Leone Cub*, by Eddie Leone 102

Autumn Trees, by Cindy Walter 4

Little Dutch Boy*by Kristine Calney and Susan Kinyon 104

Autumn*, by Pam Vonhof 86

Mainau Parrots, by Cindy Walter 12 and 38
Awakening, by Joyce Becker   9

Millennium Jacket*, by Marilyn Donahoe 94

Basket of Joy on Beige, by Cindy Walter 65

Montana*, by Cindy Walter 72

Beaverton, by Linda Schaufele   10Mother's Day Card, by Koni Jeremica 27
Berek at Koi Pond, by Tonya Littmann 45Muir Woods, by Judy Humphrey 47

Black Tulips*, by Anne Anderson 80

Nature Lover's Dream, by Kristine Calney 46
Blondie, by Shannon Grant 57New Mexico Visions, by Melinda Lowy  47
Bluebonnets, by Terri E Vogds 51Owls I, II, and III by Cindy Walter 10-11

Burning Remembrance*, by Brielyn R Doheny 92

Panda*, by Ellen Taylor Suffern 100

Caribbean Memories*, by Leone Newman 96

Rite of Spring*, by Pam Vonhof 82
Christmas Sweatshirt, by Mindy Draper   27

Rochelle's Wreath*, by Rochelle Savage 89

Christmas Celebration*, by Cindy Walter  90

Salmon Run, by Susan Smith and Cindy Walter 51
Coastal Scene, by Debra Schuh 46

Seattle by Night*, by Cindy Walter   66

Colonel Willie's Cove*, by Jennifer Priestley  70

Shoes, by Brielyn R Doheny  49
Crazy with Cotton in the Springtime, by Cindy Walter 64

Sidewalk Cafe*, by Cindy Walter 78

Davis County Covered Bridge, by Barbara W Barber 60Splendid, by Anne Anderson 13 and 49
Dawn Of Remembrance: Egyptian Mysteries Unveiled,Summer Fairie, by Shannon Grant 51
by Meryl Ann Butler with Wendy Bush Hackney 52Sun Dancer, by Deborah Sylvester and Cindy Walter 48
Dream Patio, by Debra Schuh 26Sunny Summer Afternoon*, by Jo Anne Robertson 76
Earth's Gifts, by Cindy Walter 63The Garden Spot, by Carol Ingram 55
Fairy Dust, by Deborah Sylvester  60The Guardian, by Deborah Sylvester   43
Felis Concolor, by Deborah Sylvester 14The Kiss II, by Cindy Walter 11 and 38

Field of Passion*, by Marilyn S Doheny 71

The Old Collins Place*, by Barbara W Barber 74

Flight, by Marilyn S Doheny   59The Three Queens (You Didn't Think the Wise Guys
Floral Fantasy, by Stephanie Herron Faulkner 54Remembered Gifts All by Themselves!), by Meryl Ann Butler

Flower Bouquet*, by Cindy Walter 20

and Wendy Bush Hackney 50
Fragrant Memories, by Cindy Walter  38 and 42Tranquility, by Veronica "Ronnie" Martin  53
Fun with Bugs, by Sue Wilson 14Waiting for the Dragonfly*, by Marilyn Berg  106

Giraffe: A Newborn*, by David Small 98

West Coast of New Zealand, by Simon Lee Johnson 50
Glacier National Park, by Judy Lundberg  9Who Needs PMS to Eat Chocolate?, Deborah Sylvester 43
Graceful Ivy, by Cindy Walter 29

Wild Dolphins II*, by Cindy Walter   108

Grassicket, by Brielyn R Doheny 61Yellow Glory, by Cori Rosman  54
Great Blue Heron, by Laverne Mathews  106


Heceta Head Celebration*, by Joyce Becker 68

*Denotes that step-by-step instructions are included

line break

Snippet Sensations

Out of Print, Sold Out

Snippet Sensations

Author: Cindy Walter
Pages: 24
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Krause Publications
Cover: Soft

yellow border flower quiltblue border flower quilt

Back Cover Information

Inside you'll find:

  • A review of the Snippet Sensations technique
  • 10 new floral bouquets, designed by fabric artists from around the world
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • A gallery of inspirational quilted and framed Snippet projects

Join the thousands worldwide who have already discovered the freedom of this contemporary fabric art method!

Table of Contents

Introduction Floral Bouquet10
General Supply List1Oz in Bloom11
Process Preview2Snippet Bouquet12
Let's Start 3Red Flowers 14
General Instructions 4Wild Flowers15
Sunflowers 8Sunflowers 18
Remembrance of Home9Gallery of Bouquets19

line break

Snippet Sensations cover

3 projects with step-by-step instruction

56 gallery quilts by featured artist

Out of Print, Sold Out

Snippet Sensations
Fast, Fusible Fabric Art for Quilted or Framed Projects

Author: Cindy Walter
Pages: 94
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Krause Publications
Cover: Soft

3 examples from the Featured Artist Gallery with 56 quilts

dolphin snippet quilt

yellow tree snippet quiltsnow mountain  snippet quilt

Back Cover Information

Cindy Walter's Snippet Art is a new and easy way to create an artistic masterpiece from small pieces of fabric. The technique is simple and fun. You do not need to know how to sew or quilt to create Snippet Art. In fact, no sewing is required! Fusible fabric is created by applying two-sided, fusible webbing. This makes is possible to create any style of artwork using an assortment of new fabrics or all your favorite scraps.

Over 50 full-color Snippet Artworks are featured inside to inspire you. To get you started, this book also includes three exciting step-by-step projects that can be created quickly and easily. A new world of creative freedom awaits you once you let go of any preconceived artistic limitations. Why not begin your masterpiece quilt using this easy method.

The 3 Projects included in the book

Italian CityEasgle Soar
Festive Wreath

Table of Contents

Preface4Step 8: Determine Depth Order32
Part 1: Introduction5Step 9: Create the Background33
Author's Introduction6Step 10: Cut and Fuse Snippets35
About This Book8Step 11: Review the Project42
Glossary9Step 12: Embellish43
General Supply List11Step 13: Finish the Project45
Process Preview12Step 14: Clean Up50
Part II: The Process13Gallery51
Step 1: Choose a Design14Part III: Step-by-Step Projects68
Step 2: Select a Background Style 16Project 1: Festive Wreath69
Step 3: Collect Palette Fabrics19Project 2: Soaring Eagle78
Step 4: Select Fusible Webbing24Project 3: Italian City86
Step 5: Gather Ironing Equipment26Supply Sources93
Step 6: Pre-Fuse Palette Fabrics27Suggested Reading94
Step 7: Trim Palette Fabrics31  

Featured Works

1960s Modem Art by Patricia Clay 44Owls I, II, 6-III by Cindy Walter 16-17
A Mum for Mom by Marilyn Doheny-Smith 20Peaceful by Nicole McHale 19
Ashley's Ecstasy by Cindy McNutt-Kaestner 67Perennial Pleasures by Marilyn Doheny-Smith 57
Autumn Trees by Cindy Walter 42Pink Roses by Flo Valentine 21
Behind the Picket Fence by Sharon Gordon 58Remember September by Mary Beth Mills 43
Canyon Waterfall by Emily Leong Fisher 14Renoir's Little Girl in the Garden by Judy Shaffer 15
Christmas Pinks by Cindy Walter 77Rooster by Mary Ann Nickell 46
Cottonwoods Along the Rio Grande by Linda Lacy 60San Juan Sunset by Linda Gould 65
Covered Bridge of Madison County by Lynda Bass 59Soaring Eagle by Cindy Walter 78
Earth 6-Moon by Patti West 14Soaring Eagle quilt by Cindy Walter 85
Festive Wreath by Cindy Walter 69Spring is Here by Cindy Walter 77
Festive Wreath (four variations) by Gail Newman, NickieSummertime Flowers by Laura Van Der Vliet 45
Travis, Marilyn Doheny-Smith, and Diane Roubal 75-76Sunburst by Scan Porterfield 53
Floral Refractions by Melissa Jane Dawson 44Tea House by Diane Ross 61
For the Love of Monet by Cindy Schindler 64The Domestic View by Beverly Colson 20
Forces ofConflictby Beverly Colson 37The Kiss by Cindy Walter 54
Garden Door by Donna Bridgeman 62The Kiss //by Cindy Walter 55
Girl Before a Mirror by Cindy Walter 53The Mission by Michelle Winter 66
Gone But Not Forgotten by Michele LeDoux Sakurai 59The Three Goddesses by Elizabeth Fontanilla 56
Harvest by Cindy Walter 77Tranquil Twilight by Cindy Walter 52
Hibiscus by Diana Morrison 58Tropical Sunset by Lynda Bass 65
Iris by Linda Lacy 57Wagon Wheel Memories by Lynda Bass 62
Italian City by Cindy Walter 86Water Lilies at Giverny by Cindy Walter 52
Italian City quilt by Cindy Walter 92Water World by Robert Kenneth Henry 50
Lesson in Pink by Nicole McHale 22Watercolor Heart by Vickie McKenney 64
Lighthouse Rock by Jeanne Ferguson l9Wheat Country by Mary Ann Nickell 60
Lilacs by Patricia Thompson 64Wild Dolphins by Cindy Walter 63
Little Girl Lounging by Renee Arns 15Wild Dolphins II by Cindy Walter 36
Mt Rainier by Cindy Walter 66 

line break

Snippet Sensations Christmas Celebration

Out of Print, Sold Out

Snippet Sensations
Christmas Celebration

Author: Cindy Walter
Pages: 24
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Krause Publications
Cover: Soft

3 wise men quiltsanta quilt

wreath quilt

Back Cover Information

Inside you'll find:

  • A review of the Snippet Sensations technique
  • 7 new holiday projects
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • A gallery of sensational, celebratory ideas

Table of Contents

General Supply List1Santa 13
Process Preview2Candle Centerpiece15
Let's Start!3The Happy Couple 17
Red Christmas Wreath5Three Wise Men19
Christmas Celebration Tree9Give Me Poinsettias20

line break

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606 Spray Fusible Webbing
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Spray on fusible web that turns any fabric or stabilizer into a fusible product

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