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Perfect Quilt Software Series with Jenny Haskins bringing a touch of magic with every stitch

Perfect Quilt
Jenny Haskins' Perfect Quilt Expressions
Quilting Software Modules

UPDATE: Discontinued by Jenny Haskins Aug 2014

SEE Quilt-Pro Systems, their software is an excellent replacement because they wrote the Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules.


Perfect Quilt, based on Quilt-Pro 5 for Windows is a full featured program that will grow with the traditional and innovative quilter as their skills and interest evolve.

If you are looking for MacIntosh software, look at Quilt-Pro for the Mac.

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NOTE: Many of Jenny's OLDER CDS are being discontinued, get them while you can!

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NOTE: Opened Music, Pattern & Instructional CDs, DVDs, Videos, Computer Software are NOT returnable.
Exclusions: 1. If defective, the item will be replaced. 2. If UNOPENED in original sealed and undamaged case or box, the item may be returned for a refund.

Perfect Quilt

If you are looking for MacIntosh software, look at Quilt-Pro 5 for the Mac.

logo for software on demand

Perfect Quilt
Jenny Haskins, A Touch of Magic with Every Stitch
Take the Guesswork Out of Quilting!

UPDATE: Discontinued by Jenny Haskins Aug 2014

SEE Quilt-Pro Systems, their software is an excellent replacement because they wrote the Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
    (NOTE: This software does not work on Windows 98 or earlier versions of Windows)
  • 128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 display
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access

Perfect Quilt
a New Union
Jenny Haskins Bringing A Touch of Magic with Every Stitch

Review by Sharla R. Hicks ©2007

screenHow do you introduce a software program to the quilting market and not have to reinvent the wheel? Jenny Haskins did just that by teaming with Quilt-Pro Systems and reintroducing a wonderful software under her new brand name Perfect Quilt Expressions Quilting Software Modules. This line consists of 5 outstanding modules: Perfect Quilt, Perfect Quilt Express, Easy Strip Piecing, Mariners Compass Collection, and 1200 Classic Foundations.

Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules are a union between two outstanding companies:

  • Quilt-Pro Systems with a 15 year history of quilting software development
  • And Jenny Haskins, a world famous Machine Embroiderist with her own line of digitized machine embroidery CDs, stabilizers, batting, and now quilting software. Jenny is truly bringing A Touch of Magic with Every Stitch.
  • Both companies bring many years of experience to the table.

As you read this review, keep in mind that Perfect Quilt is a reincarnation of Quilt-Pro 5 and if you have read any of my past review of Quilt-Pro, this one look quite a bit like the others. As I looked very closely at the new Perfect Quilt, I noted that it kept all of Quilt-Pro's easy-to-use operations creating a quick learning curve for previous users of Quilt-Pro. This includes the file structure and file extensions creating an added bonus of allowing files to be shared between Quilt-Pro owners** and Quilt-Perfect owners. **In my experiments, I would come up a little error or two, but the Quilt-Pro block would, after a few clicks, open in Perfect Quilt.

Quilt Perfect offers traditional and innovative quilter wonderful tools to work in the style of their choice. Quilt Perfect's help files make learning fast and easy. Navigation through the Perfect Quilt using Wizards and feature-rich right click menus streamline access to many strong features like layers and simplify setup for each project.

Screens for Quilting Blocks and Quilts

screensPerfect Quilt has two types of screens, one for drawing blocks or quilts and one for automatic quilt layout. Perfect Quilt has the ability to have multiple screens for both the Block and Quilt Layout open at the same time (see example.) This gives the user the ability to work on multiple ideas without having to close and open screens .

Perfect Quilt 's easy to use Color tools:

The Color Palette can be docked at the bottom of the screen (docked at the bottom of the screen is Sharla's favorite choice) OR, the color palette can also float like the fabric palette does shown in the previous example. (More on fabric palette to follow)

Color Tools


  • Paint patches with any fabric or color using the paint tool.
  • Select all Patches with the same color or fabric for easy swapping to new choice.
  • Use the Color Picker Tool to match colors and fabrics already found in a block or quilt.

Fabric Palette

Selecting a Fabric is super simple when the Tools Bar is on screen. Click on the fabric icon and a palette pops open. To change a palette, use the drop-down menu and select a palette choice by color, manufacture, my fabrics, patterns or themed.

Fabric Palette
The Fabric Palette
view area can be enlarged or reduced in size

sort fabrics by theme
Fabric Palettes sort by Themes

fabric palette
Fabric Palettes Sorted by Pattern

Calculate Fabric Yardage

Perfect Quilt has set up an easy-to-use Yardage Calculation command. It allows you to select several choices for calculating yardage. It gives you the yardage needed and the number of patches required.

yardage settingsYardage Calculations

layers exampleLayers

The Layers found in Perfect Quilt are similar in function to other graphic programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Perfect Quilt offers the ability to create 3 layers: (see example)

  1. Stencil/quilting line
  2. Appliqué
  3. Base

Layers allow the creation of very complex blocks or quilts with appliqué and quilting overlays that are independent of each other for more control in the design process. Perfect Quilt has the ability to manage or add layers every time you setup a block or quilt screen using one of the Wizards or related dialogue boxes by having a Layer Tab in each wizard.

quilt wizard
Note the Layer Tab at the end of Quilt Wizard

Once you start using layers they will become indispensable when creating new blocks and quilts! Appliqué Overlay on top of a pieced block with layers is simplified a hundred fold.

layer button to leftThe Preferences Choice in Perfect Quilt allows you to individualize where you want the Layer Buttons to be placed on the screen, at the Top or Side:

layers buttons at top

Layer Preference Settings are liberal and allow setup according to the block or quilt design requirements.

preferences dialogue box


Finding the Block, Border, Sash, Quilt and Fabrics you want to use

All Block, Border, Sash, Project and Fabric Libraries have 4 options for finding what you need, including an interactive File Search that allows you to search by keyword, phrase, or file type. Very slick!

single block preview
Single preview dialogue box

broswer view
Browse (view)
multiple blocks, quilts, and fabrics then select or drag and drop your choice

file search
File Search |
(note the choices above)

The New 1 Click Browsing
Top Bar
Click Icons in the Top Menu Bar


Block Browser

block library
fabric library
Click Fabric Palette Icon in Tools Bar
more on Fabric Palettes to follow


Perfect Quilt holds true to the standard Window options we have come to expect in software. Perfect Quilt maximizes menus by using the drop-down menus, side flyout menus, dialogue boxes and right click mouse access to menus. Perfect Quilt has streamlined the top menu bar so that you go to the File Menu to open all Files. (See example) Here you will find multiple options like New, Open, Open Recent, Browse, Save Palettes, Save and much more for Quilts, Blocks, Borders, Sashes, Color Palettes, and Fabric Palettes.


Edit MenuThe Edit menu (undo, cut, copy, paste, select all, duplicate) is available to both the quilt and block screens. My favorite selection is the undo up to 10 times feature.

WizardFor the Block, Quilt and Screen options use the Wizards with multiple Tabs to guide you through set up for each. The example shows the quilt layout dialogue box.

The work space (screen view area) has an option to Show or Hide the Tool Bar, Fabric Palette, and Color Palette depending on your needs and the right click menus allow you quick access without having to go to the top menus to make changes. Preferences allow the setup of large, medium or small Tools Bar to meet your visual or workspace needs. Fabric and Floating Color palettes can be resized.


Quilt Layout & Quilt Wizard

Streamlined access to Wizards makes automatic quilt layout the star feature of Perfect Quilt . It has the ability to include multiple borders, inner and outer sash, and many layout options including an outstanding medallion quilt layout. The Quilt Wizard in Perfect Quilt has tabs for Layout, Size, Medallion, Borders, Sashes, Binding and Layers that lead you right through the process of selecting all your quilt layout options from beginning to finish.

Quilt Wizard Tabs

Binding Options are Straight, French or Bias binding and can be added to any quilt layout.

Below view the Quilt Layout Types and Block Placement options. Nice is the addition of the Freeform Layout (a multi-sized block layout feature) like the one below where you can add a block in any arrangement or size you wish. This style of quilt is used often in the Country Style quilt with multiple borders.

A nice perk to the Perfect Quilt's Quilt Layout is the 1 click block drop. Once you select a block in the Block Browser or Library all you need to do is click on the Quilt Layout and the block inserts its.

Layout TypeBlock Placement

Quilt exampleQuilt exampleQuilt example
Quilts with Borders added
2 Straight Block Layout created using the Rotate Block Tool
and a Free Form Quilt Layout for custom sized blocks

Quilt example Quilt example
Hexagon and Baby Block Layout
No borders addedTool Bar

Draw Tools

The operation methods in the Draw screen are very similar to regular graphic programs on the market with the addition of built-in quilt features that make quilting software more friendly when drawing patches for blocks and is the real reason to buy a quilt a quilt program. Blocks can be drawn with geometric shapes or using appliqué and the helpful layering option. This is a truly rich program for drawing blocks.

Perfect Quilt Tools Bar has 44 tools used to aide in drawing a block or assist in quick browsing through blocks, scanned photos and fabric palettes. The Tools include zoom tools, coloring tools, rotary cutter, patches, rotate arrows, edit tool, text tool, tape measure, grain lines, align marker, and grid tools. To help you identify each tool, hover the mouse over the icon and a text block will appear that identifies the tool.

Use the Text Tool to open the Enter Text dialogue box. Create documentation, quilt labels, lettering and more for a block or quilt. The background can be a solid or fabric fill. Font type, style, and size can be personalized.

Text Example Enter Text Dialogue Box

Tool BarThe rotary cutter allows you to slice up patches, similar to using a rotary cutter on fabric.

Perfect Quilt has an alignment marker tool that will help with alignment of patches when drawing a block as well as when printing, cutting and piecing. Also find the ability to add a grain line that can be added when printing templates.

To round out the Tools Bar functionality Quilt Perfect has optional functions tied to the Tools for rotating tools at the bottom of the Tools Bar for easy access and quick changes. These options appear when options are part of the tool. (Note the Angle, Horizontal, and Vertical options at the bottom of the Tools Bar.)

Drawing in Perfect Quilt does not require a closed patch like many of the other quilting programs. This option allows the line, arc and bezier curve tools to be used to create patches when joined (a separate function) or act as quilt lines on the blocks, great when creating stencils. Adding to the flexibility of drawn patches is the ability to select line width, color or style with dash, solid or dotted. These options allow you to create dashed lines that can look very much like a quilting stitch.

Patch StampThe Patch Stamp tool brings you a prebuilt library of common geometric and appliqué shapes. The Patch Stamp dialogue box shows what has already been drawn and you can save new stamps to the library of stamps. Simply select one and draw it on the screen.

The Round Arranger is new in Perfect Quilt and can be found under the Effects Menu. It allows you to take any design and see what it will look like arranged around a circle. Flexibility is added to the setup options by allowing you determine how many designs to set, create an off set, add more than one ring, and determine the angle of the layout. The Round Arranger is wonderful for creating appliqué and wreath designs. Use geometric shapes to create kaleidoscope effects.

round arranger
Make a wreath from patches using the Round Arranger

Included are 7 different grids for helping you create blocks. Check out the circle and 8-point star grids, pretty nifty! Perfect Quilt also has the ability to create and save your own custom grid from a drawing on the Block screen. Add powerful snap-to options like Snap-to Point, Snap-to Line and Snap-to Grid and the auto alignment for setting patches how and where you want are as good as any paint and draw program out there.

block wizard

effects menuQuilt Perfect Effects Menu give you powerful drawing tools that are usually found in the big gun programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

Draw foundation blocks that can be numbered using the Foundation Wizard for sewing sequence, sectioning and printing with accurate seam allowance size of your choice.

For additional information about how Perfect Quilt draws, refer to the resource section that includes Perfect Quilt Hints and Tips by Frank Smith and more. click here


Those familiar with graphic programs will find learning Perfect Quilt very easy.

For the rest of you, the Perfect Quilt Assistant allows instant access to rich how-to information. When the Perfect Quilt Assistant is achieved by a mouse click on any tool or menu item and the help file instantly jumps to the relevant topic. (See next example.) This new mouse activated assistant eliminates the need to search through content indexes that often turn up dead-end searches because you do not know the correct keyword or phrase. It is optional to have the Assistant on the screen. Close the dialogue box to optimize the screen size and quickly reopen with a click of the ? in the top menu bar.

Perfect Quilt Assistant
Perfect Quilt Assistant

Another valuable Assistant function is small video clips for some drawing tools. For those you who do better by seeing than by reading, these little clips will certainly fill the bill.

Circle Tool
media example
Clicking Camera opens the Windows Media Player

Help is enhanced with optional Hints & Tips pop-ups that can be turned off when it is no longer of benefit in the learning curve. For example after drawing a patch, the following pop-up will appear indicating possible choices for proceeding.

hint tips box

edit menuTo add to the ease of learning Perfect Quilt 's menus follow the usual standard Windows fare with commands like duplicate, copy, paste, select all, and when function requires you will also find quilt buzz words like grid, quilt wizard, rotary cutting charts and more.

The on-screen Tools Bar, color and fabric palettes are graphically descriptive and makes it obvious most of the time where to go for what. Perfect Quilt does have some functions tied to the right mouse button for easy access that are not always as obvious, this is where the Perfect Quilt Assistant fills a gap by telling you when a right click menu may be necessary. I would suggest when you think a tool should do more, it probably will and I suggest using the right click to see.

The help is well written. If you use the Internet, there is an online help manual.

Machine Embroidery Designs included in Perfect Quilt

Want to add embroidery to your quilts? Perfect Quilt’s embroidery library includes 2500 images including 500 of Jenny’s beautiful designs from Jenny Haskins CDs which we also carry.

Just click on the Embroidery Library Tool and flip rotate or resize and combine thousands of images with your Blocks! This opens a whole new world of quilting possibilities.

IMPORT: Bring pictures from other programs to Perfect Quilt

Perfect Quilt Imports USABLE Vector Based Images (objects AKA patches) directly to the Block/Draw Screen.

frog example
Imported wmf/emf file shapes come in as outlines.
Resize, reshape and paint any color you wish.

This allows Clipart outlines (fill is removed on import into Perfect Quilt ) to be become the patches or shapes for an appliqué block.

Drawing Programs like Corel Draw and Illustrator will export picture files. The combo of being able to bring a usable images ready to be edited from a drawing program to Perfect Quilt is outstanding!

To bring the Frog into Perfect Quilt was very simple. Here is how I imported the frog:

  1. CorelDraw 8 program and opened up the Frog from a CorelDraw 3 Clipart disk.
  2. In CorelDraw, I exported the image file
  3. Then I went to Perfect Quilt and Imported the frog to the Block Screen.
  4. It came in very large, so I resized to 12" and started painting the shapes.

For those of us who feel our drawing skills are lacking, the ability to bring already created Clipart that can be edited and filled with color directly into Perfect Quilt is a real blessing. Clipart graphics open up a whole new world of almost unlimited block sources to Perfect Quilt .

background trace example

Background Trace Screen

Perfect Quilt has the ability to import a bitmap into the background of the Block Screen that can be used to trace/draw landscapes, portraits, and other sources of inspiration.

The trace option allows the creation of very complex designs in Perfect Quilt that can become templates, blocks, quilts and printed out as needed.

EXPORT: Send Perfect Quilt blocks and quilts to other programs or via e-mail to friends

Perfect Quilt exports blocks as usable vector images to vector based programs like Corel DRAW, Freehand, and Adobe Illustrator and similar software. And, the block or quilt can be copied to the clipboard that can be pasted into other programs like Word for Clipart.

Below are some images created in CorelDraw from an original Perfect Quilt Quilt. To see how the export feature works, refer to Sharla Hicks' article, Import Quilts created in Perfect Quilt to CorelDRAW or Corel PhotoPaint to add innovative Coloring and Distortions.

original example

Original Quilt from Perfect Quilt

distortion example

Envelope in CorelDRAW

distortion example
Envelope in CorelDRAW
 distortion example
Bitmap Swirl available in
CorelDRAW 8 or PhotoPaint
in earlier versions 
 distortion example
Bitmap Glassblock available in CorelDRAW 8 or PhotoPaint in earlier versions

Exchanging Files via e-mail with other Perfect Quilt and Quilt-Pro owners

You can e-mail your friends Perfect Quilt folders by saving the file as a packet file. A packet file is a special Perfect Quilt or Quilt-Pro owners file that compresses the block or quilt and fabrics into one file that you can e-mail. The person receiving the file must have also have Perfect Quilt or Quilt-Pro to open and view the file. Wow, this is fun option for participating in round robins and group projects. For additional information about helpful resource look at the following Quilt-Pro files click here.

File menu for scanningScanning Wizard

The new Scanning Wizard makes scanning your favorite fabrics or photos a breeze. If you are familiar with a scanner interfaces with a program, Perfect Quilt is the similar. Plus, for the more novice scanner user, Perfect Quilt 's hands-on Scanning Wizard takes you step-by-step through each step of interface needed to proceed. Then Perfect Quilt automatically saves your fabrics in the fabric, embroidery design or photo library folders.

scan what in scan wizard

Direct Interface with your scanner

Save inside Quilt Pro

Documentation of Quilt and Block information

document notesIn the Block/Draw Screen, use the Text Tool to add any notes that you wish to include directly with the printout of a Block or Quilt. This option is very helpful for teachers who want to create a handout from drawn patches. There is no limitations on the amount of text that can be placed in the text box or the number of text boxes that you can add. Each text box can be customized with font, font size, borders and color inside the box.


Perfect Quilt includes the ability to print yardage calculations, print rotary cutting instructions and charts, the block templates (regular blocks and foundation piecing blocks), and the overall quilt.

Yardage Settings
Print Yardage Calculation

Preview Yardage Calculations
Preview Window for Yardage Calculations

rotary chart print
Print Rotary Cutting Charts

Rotary cutting chart
Chart can be edited as needed before printing

Perfect Quilt includes enhanced Template Wizard for Print Preview and the ability to arrange Templates to fit optimally on page BEFORE printing.

Print Template Preview
Template Print Preview

The block printing options includes custom size, templates (with variable seam allowance options), foundation piecing and the ability to print across multiple pages if block size is larger than paper size.

print dialogue box
Print Templates Dialogue Box

Templates can be individually selected for printing. A small diagram of the block in the print window makes this very easy to do. For a block with repetitive patches, Perfect Quilt can automatically select one of each repetitive patch for printing allowing you to save paper and printer ink.

Print Template Wizard

Foundation Piecing options includes the ability to section a block into piecing sections that can then be constructed into a whole block. Blocks can be flip vertically, horizontally, or mirrored/reversed (for iron-on). Foundation block or sections can be automatically numbered in the order that the pieces where drawn which at times is not correct and then you will want to use the tool that allows you to modify the number order. Perfect Quilt automatically determines how many patterns will fit on a page and inform how many pages are required to print out the foundation pattern.

Print Foundation Window
Foundation Printing Choices


Perfect Quilt Features Summary:

  • Text sensitive help when pointer hovers over a word, tool, or area.
  • One click of right mouse opens a shortcut menu to many of the drop-down menu features
  • Automatic-quilt-layout include multiple borders, inner and outer sash, and many layout options including an outstanding medallion quilt layout.
  • Drop blocks onto quilt layout. No more drag & drop.
  • Calculates yardage
  • Scan fabric, photo, or background base for tracing
  • Increased library sizes with over 2,500 blocks and fabric patterns
  • Can create new Fabric and Color Palettes.
  • Can edit colors in fabric and color palettes.
  • You can increased or decrease fabric palette size for viewing more or less fabrics at one time.
  • Fabrics revised to be smaller and more visually appealing. New Fabric and Color Palettes added.
  • Create your own gradient palette to simulate hand-dyed gradations.
  • Use Long Files when saving projects and blocks!
  • Import vector based clip art via the clip board from programs like Corel DRAW and Freehand for immediate use a block with patches
  • Multiple Block, Border, Sash and Quilt Library Preview Window.
  • Open blocks, borders, sash and quilts from preview window using drag and drop.
  • Open block from the Quilt Layout in a new window. NOTE: This will make saving a new block colorings from quilt layout easy.

Summary of Printing

  • Enhanced Template Wizard for Print Preview and to arrange Templates to fit optimally on page BEFORE printing.
  • Enhanced and easier to use Printing options.
  • Print Block to any size
  • Print Yardage Charts
  • Print Quilt or Block Overview (line or fill with fabric or color)

Summary of the really cool Drawing Tools & Screens:

  • Multiple windows of Perfect Quilt can be open. Work on multiple ideas at the same time, letting each evolve at the same time, real nice feature!
  • Draw foundation blocks that can be numbered for sewing sequence and printed out with accurate seam allowance of your choice
  • Freeform Quilt Layout, AKA as the Block Screen, allows the creation of any quilt you can image, then ship it on over to the Quilt Layout as a single block and add border and calculate yardage
  • Draw block screen that is large enough to draw block or irregular style quilts like the popular country set using all the easy-to-use painting, drawing, and editing tools for block, patch, or quilt manipulation.
  • Add text tool for creating class handouts or documenting progress of a quilt or block
  • Multiple grids for block or free form quilt drawing (check out the circle and 8-point star grids)
  • Create your own grid and save for future blocks or chose one of the diamond, circular, 8-point, square, or isometric grids.
  • Tape measure to measure any line, any direction of a patch
  • 5 rotation tools, including any angle rotation
  • Patch tools like diamonds, circles, squares, edit nodes to reshape & resize patches
  • Rotary Cutting Tool for quick creation of patches from previously drawn patches. Great for strip piecing, create your stripping then cut apart into patches, magic!!!!
  • The Patch Stamp™ Tool insert pre-made patches such as hearts, petals and leaves -- similar to clip art. Add your own designs to the Patch Stamp Library. Great for repetitive appliqué shapes in borders and blocks.
  • Freehand Curve Tools to create Stencils and Appliqué patterns more easily.
  • Patch Selection Tool to allow coloring of all the same Color/Fabric patches at one time.
  • Layered Drawing Board that has 3 layers: stencils/quilting layer, appliqué layer, and foundation/block layer, nice feature
  • Snap-to Point or Snap-to line tools

For additional information on how-to-use Perfect Quilt (formerly Quilt-Pro for Windows), refer to the resource section that includes Quilt-Pro Hints and Tips by Frank Smith and more. click here

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (NOTE: This software does not work on Windows 98 and earlier)
  • 128MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 display
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access

UPDATE: Discontinued by Jenny Haskins Aug 2014

SEE Quilt-Pro Systems, their software is an excellent replacement because they wrote the Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules.

cover Fabulous Fabrics

Fabulous Fabrics
& Jenny Haskins Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules Fully Functional Demos

Preview and sort the latest fabrics available from the top 14 manufacturers:

  • Andover Fabrics
  • Bali Fabrics
  • Benartex
  • Blank Quilting
  • Debbie Mumm
  • In the Beginning
  • Kona Bay
  • Marcus Fabrics
  • Moda
  • P & B Textiles
  • Quilting Treasures
  • RJR Fabrics
  • Robert Kaufmann Fabrics
  • Timeless Treasures

Includes demo versions of Jenny Haskins:


Perfect Quilt Expressions and related Quilting Software Modules
Discontinued by Jenny Haskins Aug 2014

NEWS October 2007

NEW Quilting Software Modules released at Quilt Market in Houston, Texas

How do you introduce a software program to the quilting market and not have to reinvent the wheel? Jenny Haskins did just that by teaming with Quilt-Pro Systems and reintroducing a wonderful software under her new brand name Perfect Quilt Expressions Quilting Software Modules. This line consists of 5 outstanding modules:

What is the FREE Fabulous Fabric CD?


Preview 2000 of the latest fabrics and easily sort into your own personal fabric collections. Jenny’s “virtual fabric library” includes fully functional demos of all Perfect Quilt Expressions Modules for your review.

Also included: FREE DEMO Softwares includes fully functional modules to try out

Register your free download and receive email notification to download next season’s collection automatically!

Easy to use program allows you to preview fabrics and sort them into your own personal fabric collections. Fabrics can be easily imported into Perfect Quilt and Perfect Quilt Express.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • 490 MB hard drive space
  • 128MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 display
  • Mouse, Internet Access



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