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Expressive Quilters Newsletter sponsored by formerly Computer Quilting BYTES: Editor Sharla Hicks, quilting software reviews, quilt tutorials, faqs, and more
Dedicated to Supporting The Expressive Quilter
In Tradition, Innovation, Art & Computer Quilting

Change EQ4's Sketchbook Default Fabrics to Your own Custom Default Palette

Expressive Quilters' Newsletter

Issue 11: February 01
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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Change EQ4's Sketchbook Default Fabrics to Your Own Custom Default Palette

by Gordon Cooper
Illustrations Sharla Hicks


The set of fabrics that appear with every NEW project are contained in a standard Electric Quilt project file - DEFAULT1.PJ4 This file lives in the RES folder and is loaded by EQ4 every time "Create a New Project" is selected. It is quite easy to change the fabrics and/or colours to your own preferences. However I strongly recommend that you should save a copy of the default1 file so that things can be restored to normal if required.

1. With EQ4 running, Click "Open an Existing Project".

EQ 4 Opening Dialogue Box
Electric Quilt 4 opening dialogue box.

2. Click the Box at lower left to "open a project not listed above".

picture of click here to open section of dialogue box

3. With the "Open an Existing Project" window open, Click up one level icon, the Bent Arrow button, to go Up One Level. (This button is to the right of the "Look in" box.)

dialogue box with folders 4. This will give you the list of EQ's folders.

Double click on "res" to see the contents of the folder.

dialogue box with Defual1.pj4 folder
There should be only one file - default1.

5. Click on default1, then Click Open, the default1 sketchbook will appear on screen.

fabric palette in Sketchbook

6. Now make a backup copy of this file which ever way you prefer. I did this:

File Menu, select Save AS
  • Close the sketchbook using X button
  • Clicked File in the top menu bar
  • Select Save As
  • Save the file as defaulteq
Save As dialogue box

7. There will now be two files in the "res" folder, default1 and defaulteq. Defaulteq is your copy of the original and should not be modified.

dialogue box with 2 saved palettes

File Menu, select Open8. Now you can change default1 with your own preferences. Click File, Open and choose C:\EQ4\res\default1 (see above).

9. To go to the fabric palette, click on View Sketchbook Icon, the View Sketchbook Icon.

10. You can now Get Fabrics from the Library as described on Page 52 of the EQ4 Design Cookbook and change those in the sketchbook as you wish.

11. Now Save to Disk in the usual way. Your own default fabric selection is now saved in the res\default1.pj4 file and will be loaded each time you start a new project.

To restore the original default fabrics.

a. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 above. When the "res" folder's contents are shown on screen, there will be two files "default1" and "defaulteq".

File Menu, select Save ASb. Select "defaulteq"and bring it into EQ4 as usual. Click File, Save As, and save this project with the name "default1".

Save As dialogue box

c. You will be asked if you wish to "Replace the existing file" Click Yes and the original default fabrics will be restored.

Summary: Making a defaulteq file was just my way of doing things. You could quite easily copy the default1 file to a floppy (or other backup device) and then edit the default1 in EQ4 without having two files in the res folder.

Electric Quilt Software review
click here

Gordon Cooper is an active member of the Info-EQ list and the programmer of FREEware databases that are geared to create easy to use, information retrieval that allow you save hints, tips (without pictures) and other data to a single place. He has developed 4 FREEware programs ready for download, click the underlined title.

  1. KeepHere: Blank database to store subject of your choice.
  2. KeepMany: Create up to 6 blank databases for subjects of your choice.
  3. YesUcan: An archive of info-EQ mail list answers and setup to allow you to add your own hints and tips.
  4. What Cooks: Blank database to store your recipes.

For more information go to the article by Gordon about Keep Here/Many and YesUcan click here

To join the Info-Eq mail list, click here and go to the website, This opens a new window, to return to this website, close the Window.

Hints and Tips for Electric Quilt User Series:

Gordon Cooper Series on Electric Quilt:
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Featured Photo Inspired Quilts designed in Electric Quilt by Patti Anderson shown on Sharla Hicks Simply Quilt appearance

More How-to and help for Electric Quilt Users:
YesUcan, a database compiled from questions and answered shared by members of the Info-EQ mail list.
Using Help Files Effectively in Quilting Programs. by Sharla Hicks

Clearing up the Mud surrounding Copyright for Electric Quilt, BlockBase, SewPrecise and their Support Books. by Penny McMorris
Electric Quilt Website Review by Sharla Hicks: a great resource for all EQ users
Info-EQ Archives -- how to use them by Penny McMorris of Electric Quilt
EQ's Stash Fabric CDs: How to Convert Fabric Bitmaps from Stash to CorelDRAW pattern fill by Myrna Giesbrecht
How to Create Tessellations using your Quilt Software Instructions for EQ, Quilt-Pro and PCQuilt by Sharla Hicks

Past Articles for Electric Quilt 3
Win 95: here's a quick way to change the name of an EQ 3 project file by Penny McMorris of Electric Quilt.
FAQ: Electric Quilt 3 for DOS printing problems answered by Penny McMorris of Electric Quilt Company (these problems are not associated with Electric Quilt 4 which is a Windows 95/98/NT program

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