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Home > Notions > Embellish ALL: Bead-Button-Crystal-Ribbon-Yarn-Fiber-FOIL-Metal-Glitz-GRUNGEBOARD 40% Charms > 50% off Charms
  • up to 50% off Beads > 20% off Hofmann Original Bead ALL Styles/Mixes
    20% off Green Mix: Brillant Pea Bead Soup by Hofmann Originals
    Glass beads, str 32
    20% off Green Mix: Brillant Pea Bead Soup by Hofmann Originals <br>Glass beads, str 32
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    Quantity in Basket: None

    Code: BDSP8
    Our Price: $9.20
    MSRP: $11.50

    Weight: 0.40 lb

    Preveiw All on 1 page Hofmann Originals, Bead Gravy, Bed Soup and Bead Soup Starter come in a variety of great colors. Great for use on quilts, bracelets, crafts, clothing and more!

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    Books: Button & Ribbon Embellishment for quilts, home decor & more

    40% off
    Button It up
    Button It Up

    by Susan Beal
    40% off
    Cupcakes! 30+ to Sew, Quilt, Knit & Bake
    by Lynn Koolish
    40% off
    Inchie Quilts
    Inchie Quilts
    by Nadine Ruggles
    40% off
    Ribbons Buttons and Beads
    Ribbons, Buttons, & Beads
    Projects for a Romantic Home

    by Mary Jo Hiney
    40% off
    Multiple Authors
    David & Charles Pub
    40% off
    Quilting Your Style
    Quilting Your Style

    by Leah Fehr

    Beading w/ Embroidery, Fabric, Quilts & Wearables

    BeadGlo Light Box
    BeadGlo Light Box
    by Artograph
    + (9) BeadGlo Project Trays
    10% off
    The Big Eye
    The Big "Eye"

    Needle Threader
    OR Bead Threader
    Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner
    Thread Heaven
    Thread Conditioner & Protectant
    40% off
    az bead embroidery
    A-Z of Bead Embroidery
    by Sue Gardner
    40% off
    Bead Creative Like Crazy
    Bead Creative Like Crazy

    by Nancy Eha
    40% off
    beaded embellishment
    Beaded Embellishment
    by Amy C. Clarke & Robin Atkins
    40% off

    Pam Pryshepa Ronan
    40% off
    Beautiful Beaded & Embroidered Fabric
    Beautiful Beaded & Embroidered Fabric
    by Cindy Gorder
    40% off
    color works
    Color Works
    by Deb Menz

    Beading & Embellishement on Quilts

    40% off
    Creative Quilting with Beads
    Creative Quilting with Beads
    by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader
    40% off
    Dazzling Quilts
    Dazzling Quilts
    by Pamela Mostek
    40% off
    Fabulous Fabrics
    Fabulous Fabrics

    innovative fabric embellishment
    by Mary Jo Hiney
    20% off
    if its not embellished
    If it's not embellished, it's not finished!
    by Betty Blais
      40% off
    Inchie Quilts
    Inchie Quilts
    by Nadine Ruggles
    40% off
    Quilting Your Style
    Quilting Your Style

    by Leah Fehr
    40% off
    Quilt Toppings
    Quilt Toppings

    by Melody Crust

    60% off
    Embellishment Village Clearance: Limited to Stock on Hand
    Bead & Yarn Kits will work with any project and some have very specital beads with masks, faces, animals & more

    60% off
    Firepolish Beads
    Style: Firepolish
    60% off
    Metallic Gold
    Style: Cube Beads
    60% off
    Crystal/Iris Blue
    Style: Dime Beads
    60% off
    Style: Fish Beads
    60% off
    Matte Jonquil
    Style: Leaf Beads

    60% off
    Light Sapphire
    Style: Round Beads

    60% off
    Irr. Green
    Style: Sequin
    Round, Textured, Facet

    60% off
    Journal Bead and Yarn Kits
    Bead and Yarn Kits

    60% off
    Rainbow Orange
    Style: Bugle Beads

    60% off
    Bead & Yarn Kits for Purse
    4 in 1
    Purse Pattern
    & Bead/Yarn Kits

    60% off
    Style: Seed Beads
    Silver lined, translucent, opaque, metallic

    60% off
    Cap Bead/Yarn Kits
    Bead/Yarn Kits

    50-60% off selected
    Yarn examples Yarn mix
    Embellishment Village Yarns, & Fibers

    60% off
    Curve Appeal Bag Bead and Yarn Kits
    Bead/Yarn Kits

    60% off
    Long Tall Sally Bead & Yarn Kits
    Bead/Yarn Kits

    60% off
    Charm Examples goddess
    Antique Gold / Pewter Charms & Metal Beads

    60% off
    Spirit Doll Bead and Yarn Kits
    Bead/Yarn/Mask Kits

    60% off
    Springtime Pansies Pattern
    Pansies Pattern

    60% off
    Sunflowers Pattern with Bead and Yarn Kits
    Sunflower Pattern
    Bead/Yarn Kit

    60% off
    Kimonos wall hanging quilt
    Wall Hanging

    60% off
    Rosa & Friends
    Rosa & Friends Pattern


    60% off
    December Noel
    December Bead Kit
    Fabric Card

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