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Zentangle Class Examples

Turn your Stick Figure's Lines, Dashes, Circles, Curves
One Stroke at a Time into Tangle Patterns

Anything is Possible One Stroke at a time with Zentangle

Explore Zentangle®
Learn to embrace Focus, Creativity, and Relaxation with Zentangle®

NOTE: Tweens and Teens are welcome Minimum age 11 years old and the ability to sit through 3 hours of instruction with occasional breaks.
Sharla's grandchildren (7-15) are regularly participating in Zentangles Classes

The Dance of the Zentangles Series:
Come Dance to the One Stroke At A Time Music & Discover the Beauty of the Geometric, Organic and Botanical Tangles.

More Info Here Series Information with examples & info about Sharla R. Hicks CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher)

Sharla has been listening to her students and they want more information on evolving tangles into botanical and organic forms and add the zip, shade & dimension to their tangles.The class pace has been revised to go more indepth so the tangles can evolve, emerge and bloom into botanical and organic forms. Homework tangles will be included in Sharla's outstanding handouts for more exploration on your own. At the end of the 8 class series you will have a book.

Returning Students will be enriched with the new material being presented. Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4. There is some repeated material but each class will include new botanical and organic tangles along with the must have geometric staples. Classes 5, 6, 7, & 8 are completely reformated with new material on petals, leaves, Zentangle Inspired Art and more.

Current Schedule
Class Descriptions, More Pixs

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2017 Mar-Apr Schedule: The Zentangle Dance to Geometric, Organic & Botanical 8 Class Series (sign up for 1 to 8 classes)
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Refund Policy
Supplies Provided
Class Signup includes:
  • All supplies provided for class: Pens, Pencils, Shading Tools & Tiles
  • NOTE: IF you are taking individual classes you may need to purchase additional pens, pencils, and shading tools provided in a previous class.
  • Each class includes extensive handouts with 4+ tangles homework. The series handsouts are the equivalent of an eight chapter handout/book by Sharla Hicks
  • Returning Students, or if you have Questions, call Sharla to sign-up: 714-630-7414 or Toll Free 888-545-8616 .
Refund Policy (Select radio button to indicate you have read)
  • Yes, I understand there is NO refund on missed classes.
  • You may makeup classes.
  • NOTE: Let Sharla know when you plan to attend a makeup class so she has your supplies ready.
  • If class is cancelled by Sharla or Soft Expressions, you will be issued a refund.

    2 class days include 1 hour lunch. We go to a local El Polo Loco (Starbucks & Sandwich Shop next door.) If you bring your own lunch we encourage joining us at our El Polo Loco table as we continue bonding with class members who are on the same Zentangle Dance Journey.
Select ONE Class Choice Below:
$175 Premium Series (SAVES $120)
(4) SATURDAY 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Class 1-2: March 18, 2017
Skip 1 week
Class 3-4:
April 1, 2017
Class 5-6: April 8, 2017
Class 7-8: April 15, 2017
$95 The Zentangle Dance 1, 2, 3, 4 Series
The Zentangle Dance of the Geometric, Organic and Botanicals Patterns:
Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
TIME: (2) SATURDAYS 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Class 1-2: March 18, 2017
Skip 1 week
Class 3-4:
April 1, 2017

***Prerequisite for Classes 2-8: Attend Class 1 or Sharla's Permission. If needed, call her at 714-630-7414 or Toll Free 888-545-8616

$95 The Moving Forward Series:
Zentangle Dance of the Petals and Leaves, PLUS Shade & Shadows, Fantasy Scapes, Zendalas / Mandala and More
Classes 5, 6, 7, 8
(2) SATURDAYS 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Class 5-6: April 8, 2017
Class 7-8: April 15, 2017
$70 Foundation Part 1:
Zentangle Dance of the Geometric, Organic, Botanical Patterns
Classes 1 & 2
NOTE: All supplies needed for classes included.
TIME: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Class 1-2: March 18, 2017
$70 MORE Foundation Part 2:
Zentangle Dance of the Geometric, Organic, Botanical Patterns
Classes 3 & 4
NOTE: Bring class supplies from class 1 PLUS fee includes additional Pens, Pencils & Supplies
(1) SATURDAY 10:30 am to 5:30 pm:
Class 3-4: April 1, 2017
Add to Basket if you need to Customize your Schedule?
Sharla will call you back and discuss your options.

2017 Big Bear Zentangle 5 Day Retreat
Zentangle Inspired Art and Expressive Botanicals

Featuring Inspiration using Mixed Media, Color and Tangle Inspiration

Dates & Details CLICK HERE

  • Instructor: Sharla R. Hicks CZT 5 & 11
  • Featuring Cordon Bleu Trained Chef: Diana Hudson, CZT

  • Where: Big Bear, CA at a Two Cabin Mountain Retreat

  • NOTE: Each Retreat is Limited to 8-12 students

  • Includes: 25 hours of instruction, Mixed Media Open Studio & (2) evening slide presentations

  • PLUS: Lodging, Quality Healthy Meals, Snacks, Drinks
More Info Here Additional Zentangle Examples, Class Information, About Sharla Hicks CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher)

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Zentangle® Supplies & Classes offered by Sharla Hicks CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher)

Zentangle Class Exampels Zentangle Classes
in Southern California
Sharla Hicks (CZT)
Certified Zentangle Instructor
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Zentangle Kit in Green Box
Zentangle® Kit

34 tiles, Instructional DVD, Zentangle Vol1 booklet, 2 Pens, 2 Pencils, 2 stumps/tortillion, Sharpener, Icosahedron Die

Zentangle & Bijou Tiles
Black Zentangle Tiles
Black, White & Tan
Square 2" & 3.5"
& Artist Trading Cards

Yoga for Your Brain ORIGINAL Edition, 40 Tangle Cards, Designs by Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Tangle Cards

Zendala Tiles
White, Black or
Renaissance (tan)
Zendala Tiles
21 Zendala Tiles in Tin

10% off ALL PENS
Micron Pigma Pens
Micron & Graphic & Color
Pigma Pens & Pkgs.

Prestrung Zentangle Tiles
Prestrung Zentangle® Tiles
for ideas, group activities when time is short & more

Zenful Music CD
Zentangle Sounds by Rick Roberts
Zentangle Sounds
by Rick Roberts, Zentangle Founder

Zentangle on Fabric
Fabric Sample
Prepared for Dying Fabric

Cotton Lawn
45" to 57" Wide

Derwent Intense Pencil Sets
Derwent Inktense Pencils
Watersoluble Watercolor Pencils
Sets: 6, 12, 24, 36, 72

Draw & Shade Tools
White pen and pencil for black Zentangle Tiles
White Sakura Gelly Roll Pen

10% off
General's White Pastel Chalk Pencil
General's White Pastel Chalk Pencil
General's White Pastel Chalk Pencil

General's White &
Indigo Blue & Packs of
Pastel Chalk Pencil

Shade Tools

Pencil stumps and tortillions for shading zentangle
10% off Soft Lead Pencil
& Shading
Stumps / Tortillions

General's Semi-Hex Drawing Pencil Set with eraser and sharpner
HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
Drawing Pencils

10% off
Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush
Niji Waterbrush

Multiple sizes available

Sakura Gelly Roll, Glaze & Souffle Pens
Video Available
10% off Sakura Gelly Roll, Glaze & Souffle Pens, Stardust, Metallic, Shadow, Moolight
Stardust (glitter pen)

Write on Glass, Plastic, Metal
Permawriter Fabric Pen
Black Permawriter
Fine Tip Pens .00-.07

Identi-dent Pen
Identi™ Pen Dual Tipped

Fabrico Cool Grey Pen
Fabrico Cool Gray

Shade Fabric & Tiles

Other Tiles, Paper, Journals, Sketchbooks
Strathmore Toned Journals
Strathmore Journals
Toned Gray / Tan

Strathmore Artists Tiles
Strathmore Artist Tiles

Sketchpad & mixed media Tablets
Sketchbook & Mixed Media

Blank cards and envelopes
Blank Cards & Envelopes

Site Map
& Picture Indexes
10% TO 60% OFF

Books & Patterns

Threads, Ribbons, Yarns & Angelina Fibers, Roving

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